Scandinavia ’16

Summer ’16 and time to test the legs again by circling  Scandinavia by train, boat, bike and bus.

Along the way, met Reindeer, Royalty, cold dark tunnels and  discovered why one should stay away from the southern Swedish coasts during the short northern summer.

Scandinavia 2016


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Europe in 2014


So, there were only two things that were certain, the flight to London and the flight back to New Zealand some 6 weeks later.  In between, it would be day to day and which way the wind blows. Did I mention rain?

Touring, Travels and Tall Tales

Tripping Europe

Okay so we started in Amsterdam before heading north and then south to Budapest and the Danube with lots of locks.

Not a bike in sight



Time to tour the continent and see how it compares to New Zealand/Australia (bikewise – that is).  but best start with a good old English Pub – the Fox on Matching Tye.  Well that was after a long day in the saddle.

Wandering around